School Community Grant Final Report
Due: August 1

Final Reports provide an opportunity for grantees to provide information and offer insights, both positive and negative, that may be helpful to future applicants – and to LEF in demonstrating the value of the School Community Grant program to the LPS and larger Lexington community. Your candor is appreciated: Please remember that negative feedback is as valuable as positive feedback.

If this SCG supported more than one project, please describe and assess each project individually using different on-line forms.

Option: Download PDF form

Name *
School *
Briefly describe the purpose and activities of the School Community Grant (you may copy and past from the application for funding).
Assessment *
Did the project/program achieve the objectives?
Objectives Exceeded
Objectives Met
Objectives Not Met
Please explain to what extent the expectations were met.
What impact have your School Community Grant activities had - or do you expect them to have?
Dissemination/Publicity *
How have you disseminated the products and findings from this project within your school, to other Lexington schools, and more broadly? How have you publicized the project?
We love pictures and supporting material! *
Pictures and quotes help us secure funding for additional grants! Thank you! Email additional information to: