fiske Grants



Catherine Murphy ELL teacher Catherine Murphy will complete an online course on Evaluation and Leadership for ELL Equity, with an eye to strengthening collaboration between ELL specialists and classroom teachers across the district to make course content accessible to all English language learners. (Awarded 2017-18)


Program Grants

Supporting Emerging Literacy and Communication. Fiske Speech-Language Pathologist Deidre Dascoli and Speech-Language Pathologist and District Wide Augmentative Alternative Communication Specialist Amy Golding, will develop a literacy library of books accompanied by visual and tactile literacy supports, and create a training program for teachers and families of students who have challenges with expressive and receptive language, including students in the Intensive Learning Program and students receiving English Language intervention services. (Awarded 2016-17)


School Community Grants

Fiske Elementary School will undertake activities that create and express a welcoming atmosphere for students, staff and families, including multilingual “welcome” entryway windows, a community garden, the purchase of books that emphasize the ways differences can create stronger communities, and professional learning on managing difficult conversations. (Awarded 2017-18)