LEF Boilerplate

The Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) was founded in 1989 to serve as the vehicle by which Lexington’s residents and businesses can contribute to the excellence of Lexington’s public schools by funding educational opportunities that fall outside the school system’s operating budget. LEF raises and channels funds from the community to Lexington’s schools and teachers, funding grants that enable new teaching approaches, resources, and technologies into the classroom. The foundation’s grants foster innovation in teaching and learning and convey the excitement that can come from exploring new subjects, or familiar subjects in new ways. To date, LEF has awarded more than $5.2 million across all ten Lexington schools and the central administration.


Lexington Education Foundation's logo may be used, with approval on print and electronic media when referring to a LEF sponsored event or activity or in relation to approved grants for Lexington Public Schools.

For approval of rights, contact Communications@lexedfoundation.org