Grants Overview

Each year, with the support of the community, LEF funds faculty-initiated grants at every one of Lexington's Children's Place preschool, six elementary schools, two middle schools, and high school. LEF awards three types of grants:

  • Program Grants - fund the exploration and implementation of innovative approaches to teaching, the creation of educational materials, and the piloting of new technology in the classroom.

  • Fellowships - fund participation in structured professional development opportunities for individual faculty members to deepen their subject-area knowledge and strengthen their skills in ways that will have a direct impact on their teaching.

  • School Community Grants - fund activities created collaboratively within each Lexington public school to strengthen the overall learning environment and build community school-wide.

All grant proposals undergo a rigorous application and approval process. Grantees are expected to share the results of their grant experiences with their colleagues within and across their schools.


Public Pre-School Grants - New in 2019

Lexington Children's Place


middle school and high school grants

Lexington High School

+ $5 million awarded since 1989.

+ $5 million awarded since 1989.

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