School Community Grant Application Deadline: Nov. 1, 2018. 

Purpose & Scope

School Partnership liaisons for faculty

Bowman: Andrea Re

Bridge: Anne Boulter

Estabrook: Beth Ross

Fiske: Stacey Raiche

Harrington: Brooke Wu

Hastings: Jessica Brett

Clarke: Will Scarbrough

Diamond: Raquel Leder

High School: Amy Winter, Kristen Reed, Karen Griffiths

LEF’s School Community Grant (SCG) Program encourages, supports, and enables creative educational initiatives that will strengthen learning and build community school-wide. Each of Lexington’s nine public schools receives a School Community Grant each year. The school principal submits an SCG proposal early in the academic year for implementation during the same year.

A hallmark of the School Community Grant program is its dedication to supporting initiatives that have been identified and developed through a collaborative process that involves a school’s entire professional community and that have the demonstrable support of a majority of the faculty.

The size of the grant for which each school may apply during a given school year is established in advance by LEF. Generally, available funding is set at different levels for elementary, middle, and high schools. Your LEF school liaison (click here), or any member of LEF’s School Partnership team, can tell you how much funding will be available to your school this year.

To give you a sense of the types of activities LEF School Community Grants support, click here for descriptions of recent SCGs.

Eligible Activities

Eligible SCG activities and expenses include:

  • School-wide community-building programs and projects
  • Professional development activities – such as conferences, expert lectures and presentations, educational collaborations, and visiting artists – that will have borad and immediate classroom applications
  • Strategic initiatives that address a unique situation or need that faces the school as a whole or a particular student population, grade, or area of study
  • The acquisition of materials and equipment necessary to implement a clearly defined educational initiative (such as software used to facilitate student scheduling or equipment that will broaden student access to innovative educational resources.
  • The adaptation at the applying school of an initiative previously funded by LEF at a different school
  • Art, music, literary and other projects designed to promote and express the school's values
  • Prosocial initiatives and other activities addressing students' physical and emotional growth and well-being.

School Community Grant funds may not be used to cover the costs of:

  • Salaried positions
  • Building projects and renovations
  • Capital acquisitions such as photocopiers, computers, and furniture
  • Programs, services, and equipment that are now part of, or have been cut from, the school’s operating budget
  • Maintenance or repairs of, or renovations to, school buildings or equipment
  • Hospitality costs, such as food, beverages, and entertainment
  • Basic supplies such as paper, pens, and toner

Preparing a School Community Grant Proposal

Click here to download the application forms and detailed instructions for completing an LEF School Community Grant application.

A successful School Community Grant proposal demonstrates that:

  • The project’s goals and intended benefits affect the overall school community
  • The proposal grew out of a collaborative process involving the entire school community and that a majority of faculty support the specific request
  • The activities and budget are reasonable and fall within SCG eligibility guidelines

Provide all narrative and budgetary information required, in the format and order requested.

  • The proposal should be no longer than two pages (in addition to the application cover sheet). It should provide detailed, specific information about:
  • The purpose of the Fellowship
  • How the Fellowship will improve your professional practice and enhance your students’ learning
  • How you will share the results of your Fellowship, e.g., by presenting a paper or conducting a workshop for colleagues, or meeting with your curriculum leader to discuss results
  • The amount you are requesting, and a detailed breakdown of how you will spend your Fellowship award, and
  • Information about any time‐sensitive deadlines (for registration or tuition costs, for example) pertaining to your request

Accompanying the proposal must be:

  • Two separate letters of support, in sealed envelopes or signed electronic copies, from your principal, department head, curriculum leader, or superintendent. The letter from the principal, department head, or superintendent must include a statement certifying that your request for funding is not covered by the school system’s operating budget.
  • A statement certifying that (1) you are currently a Lexington Public School certified staff member with professional status, and (2) you will be returning as a Lexington Public School certified staff member for the following academic year. If you are a pre‐PTS staff member, you must include a letter of reappointment from the principal of your school.

Provide all narrative and budgetary information required, in the format and order requested.

Ensure that your application is accompanied by all necessary sign-off statements and signatures, as described in the application guidelines. Provide supporting materials that are relevant to your project, such as brochures, flyers, consultant resumes, and reports of earlier research on your topic or approach.

Before you submit your application, we encourage you to ask someone outside of your field or profession to read your application. It will be important that your proposal can be understood by “lay” reviewers, because the members of the review committee have a variety of backgrounds and professional experiences.

LEF’s School Partnership Team reviews each School Community Grant proposal immediately upon receipt. We will notify you of LEF’s decision within two weeks of the date we receive your application.

Once LEF approves your SCG proposal, you may access your SCG funds through the LPS Accounting Office’s Munis system.

Review Process