School Community Grant Application Online Form
Deadline: Between August 15 and November 1

*Note: This form may not be saved and edited later. Use the downloadable version if you prefer to work at your own pace or on paper.

Name (Principal) *
Name (Principal)
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Certify Statements *
Summarize the purpose and activities of the proposed School Community Grant in 1-2 sentences.
State the goals of this School Community Grant and explain how it will benefit the school community. A School Community Grant may focus on meeting one specific need or may comprise multiple eligible projects, as long as the total amount requested does not exceed the maximum available School Community Grant funding for your school.
Grant funding use *
Identify for what area the requested funds are intended.
An School Community Grant (SCG) proposal must reflect more than the priorities of the school’s leadership or of a small group within the school. Your application must demonstrate that this project has the support of a majority of your school’s faculty. Describe the process by which the school community decided to focus on this area (or areas) for this SCG. Identify who was involved in the process, and be specific about how majority support was obtained and verified.
Outside consultants, trainers, or other individuals outside the school who will be involved in grant activities.
Explain how you will evaluate the process and results of this project. Your evaluation questions and strategy should focus on the value, quality and impact of the project in strengthening learning and community at your school.
Itemize your school’s intended use of grant funds, including consultant fees, materials and supplies incidental to carrying out the grant, course registration fees, and stipends for staff working on the project at off-contract times (at the established LPS rate).