Program Grant Final Report
Due: June 30

Final reports provide an opportunity for LEF grantees to share information and insights that may be helpful to teaching colleagues and to LEF in shaping future projects and programs. We appreciate your candor: please remember that negative feedback is as valuable as positive feedback.

LEF also draws on information from grantee reports to promote LEF and publicize the contributions of grantees to the LPS community and the larger Lexington community. Samples of student work, detailed testimonials, photographs, and other evidence of impact are therefore especially welcome.

Name *
Schools Involved *
Provide a one-sentence description of the project.
1-2 sentences summarizing the educational need that spurred the decision to apply for this grant.
State in 1-2 sentences how this project would address the need.
Describe the main activities and associated dates noting any differences between proposed and actual activities.
Assessment *
Did the project/program achieve the objectives?
Objectives Exceeded
Objectives Met
Objectives Not Met
For each of the educational objectives listed in the proposal, explain how progress was measured and what were the results.
Describe the impact the project has had/is expected to have, on teaching, learning, and/or school culture. Please provide specific examples including pictures and illustrations.
Describe challenges or surprises (positive or negative) that were encountered.
Explain what, if anything, you would/will do differently.
How will you follow up on or extend this project?
Dissemination/Publicity *
How have you disseminated the products and findings from this project within your school, to other Lexington schools, and more broadly? How have you publicized the project?
We love pictures and supporting material! *
Pictures and quotes help us secure funding for additional grants! Thank you! Email additional information to: