fiske Grants

Mrs. Rawding's classroom - recipient of a mathematics conference fellowship

Mrs. Rawding's classroom - recipient of a mathematics conference fellowship


Kerrie Donnelly and Lysa Pirone, Fiske and Harrington Schools K-5 Counselors, will attend the American Counseling Association Conference, where they will learn from counseling experts on topics particularly relevant to Lexington’s families and students: theme-based group counseling and counseling in gender, sexual identity and diversity. (Awarded 2017)

Molly Rawding, Fiske School Mathematics Specialist, will attend the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics annual conference to learn best practices and gather resources to share with LPS colleagues. She will also deliver a presentation on the groundbreaking work that has been done at Fiske and across the Lexington Public Schools to engage students in math by employing the principles of growth mindset -- a belief that basic abilities are not fixed and dependent on native talent but can be improved through perseverance and hard work. (Awarded 2017)

Nick Hart and Susan London, music teachers, will attend a workshop that shares Bobby McFerrin’s approach to teaching vocal improvisation through “circle songs” in K-5 music classes and choruses. (Awarded 2016)

Elementary robotics program in action

Elementary robotics program in action

2016-17 Program Grants

Elementary Robotics Curriculum Integration. Building on the successful LEF-funded pilot of an afterschool robotics and engineering program at Estabrook and Bridge Schools, LHS teachers and the LexRobotics team will extend the program to all Lexington elementary schools and train teachers to integrate robotics and engineering classes into the schools’ regular curriculum, as well.

Peer Leadership and Newcomer Family Project extends and expands an LEF-funded pilot program to support students and families who are new to Fiske and possess very limited English-language ability. Each student will be matched with both a teacher mentor and a peer leader mentor. The program will include community meetings and outreach to newcomer parents, as well. Approaches, materials, and results will be shared to facilitate the development of similar programs at schools across the district.


2016-17 School Community Grant

Book Collection. Fiske will augment the school’s book collection, purchasing a wide variety of texts across genres and reading levels to engage students as readers and support lifelong literacy skills.