Fellowship Grant Application Deadlines: May 1, 2019

NOTE: LEF recommends applying for Fellowships as early as possible to ensure the best potential for funding.

Purpose & Scope

School Partnership liaisons for faculty

Lexington Children’s Place: Anne Boulter

Bowman: Andrea Re

Bridge: Patricia Jacotin

Estabrook: Beth Ross

Fiske: Stacey Raiche

Harrington: Brooke Wu

Hastings: Jessica Brett

Clarke: Will Scarbrough

Diamond: Raquel Leder

Lexington High School: Amy Winter, Kristen Reed, Karen Griffiths

Central Administration: Kim McCormick

LEF Fellowships enable Lexington Public School teachers and staff with professional status to pursue professional development opportunities that will have a positive impact on student learning. Fellowships enable individual educators to devote time during school vacation periods to attend professional development courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, and structured field study programs that relate directly to their LPS positions. Several teachers may apply individually to attend the same program if this shared collegial experience promises to have a greater impact.

To give you a sense of the types of activities LEF Fellowships support, click here for descriptions of recent Fellowships.

Who May Apply

LEF Fellowships are open to any current certified LPS staff member who will be returning as an LPS staff member the following academic year. This includes:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Subject-area specialists
  • Special education personnel
  • Department heads
  • Administrators at the school or central office level
  • Counselors
  • Nurses

A teacher without Professional Teacher Status may apply for a Fellowship if s/he submits with the application a letter from the school principal indicating that s/he will be reappointed for the following school year.

If a group of teachers seek the same Fellowship opportunity, each teacher must prepare and submit a separate, personalized application.

There are no restrictions on repeat applications from previous LEF Fellows; however, LEF will give priority to first‐time applicants.

Eligible Expenses

Activities and expenses that are eligible for LEF Fellowship support include:

  • Program tuition
  • Course and conference registration fees
  • Economy travel
  • Room and board (at LPS rates)
  • Purchases of materials and supplies

Please note that Fellowship funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis.

Activities and expenses that are ineligible for LEF Fellowship support include:

  • Stipends or funding for degree or certificate programs (with the exception of National Board Certification)
  • Activities that are covered by the school system’s operating budget
  • Independent travel and activities undertaken outside of a structured professional learning program for educators.

Preparing a Fellowship Proposal

Apply Online or Download the application form and detailed instructions for completing an LEF Fellowship application.

Provide all narrative and budgetary information required, as detailed in the application guidelines, in the format and order requested.

Accompanying the proposal must be:

  • Two separate letters of support, signed electronic copies, from your principal, department head, curriculum leader, or superintendent. The letter from the principal, department head, or superintendent must include a statement certifying that your request for funding is not covered by the school system’s operating budget.
  • A statement certifying that (1) you are currently a Lexington Public School certified staff member with professional status, and (2) you will be returning as a Lexington Public School certified staff member for the following academic year. If you are a pre‐PTS staff member, you must include a letter of reappointment from the principal of your school.

Review Process

An LEF committee reviews all Fellowships proposals in depth and makes recommendations for funding to the LEF Board of Directors. LEF bases its Fellowship funding decisions on merit and the availability of funds. Reviewers pay particular attention to how the proposed activities promise to enhance student learning and improve professional practice in an applicant’s area of expertise.

The review committee assesses each Fellowship proposal on its own merits, rather than in direct competition with other proposals. LEF seeks to support every worthy proposal within the constraints of LEF’s budget. The review process provides opportunities for applicants to expand on or clarify information provided in their proposals.

Applicants will generally be notified of LEF’s decision within six weeks of the application deadline.

If your proposal is not funded, LEF will, upon request, provide feedback and suggestions regarding future applications.