Fellowship Grant Application Form
Deadline: Nov. 1, 2017 or March 1, 2018

Note: This form may not be saved and edited later. Download the form if you prefer to work at your own pace or on paper.

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Date of Application
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Maximum $4,000
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This may be emailed as a separate document and along with the answers to questions #1-6, with your name and exact same one sentence summary of proposed fellowship in the subject line to: apply@lexedfoundation.org
In figuring travel costs, please note the following: • LEF generally bases the allowance for hotel accommodations on the established government rate for the location, and on double-occupancy rates. If having to pay the difference between the established government rate and the actual cost of accommodations would prevent you from pursuing this opportunity, please state this in your application. • LEF provides a $35 per day food allowance. Please note that Fellowship funds are disbursed on a reimbursement basis.
Name the person and title who will send a signed electronic letter of recommendation to apply@lexedfoundation.org. Your name must be part of the subject line.
Name the second person who will email a signed letter of recommendation to apply@lexedfoundation.org
This person listed will send the following email to apply@lexedfoundation.org "I certify that the request by _________ for funding an LEF Fellowship is not covered by the school system's operating budget."
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