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Report to Community

Welcome to the LEF's FY2017 Report to the Community. The Lexington Education Foundation(LEF) brings our community together to build and sustain the excellence of Lexington Public Schools. In addition to providing grants to Lexington’s schools and teachers, LEF is actively engaged with the Lexington community in many ways which includes annual Trivia Bee, Celebration for Education Weekend, Co-sponsoring events and activities with other local nonprofit organizations and participation in town events. The donors listed here have enabled educational advances whose impact has been broad, transformative, and enduring.


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Report To Community

Welcome to the LEF's FY2016 Report to the Community. This report provides an overview of how LEF’s support to Lexington’s public schools fosters innovation — and joy — in teaching and learning, and how LEF works in partnership with the Lexington Public School (LPS) district and the Lexington community to bring our children a worldclass education.