Program Grant Application Form
Deadline: March 1

Note: This form may not be saved and edited later. Use the downloadable version if you prefer to work at your own pace or on paper.

Project Leader's Name *
Project Leader's Name
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Date of Application
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School(s) where project will occur *
Specify LPS employees who will be receiving payroll. For professional development activities, specify the number of hours needed and the cost per participant and total (using established LPS rates for noncontracted staff time). Please note that LEF Program Grants are administered by the LPS Finance and Business Department and are subject to the policies and procedures that apply to all LPS-administered activities. Also, because of the time required to set up grant accounts during the new fiscal year, grant funds will generally not be available to you until after August 1; please plan accordingly.
Provide names and specify rates and total fees to be paid to any individuals who are not LPS employees.
• Equipment and installations. Identify and provide the cost of each item. Include shipping and handling costs, if applicable. • Training and travel. Note costs per participant and overall. In figuring travel costs, please note the following: - LEF generally bases the allowance for hotel accommodations on the established government rate for the location, and on double-occupancy rates. If having to pay the difference between the established government rate and the actual cost of accommodations would prevent you from pursuing this opportunity, please state this in your application. - LEF provides a $35 per day food allowance. • General expenses (e.g., supplies and photocopying): Estimate cost of each type of expense.
Total amount expected from sources other than this LEF grant.
Indicate whether funds, and what amount, have been committed to this project from other sources, such as a PTA or public or private grants.
Indicate any relationships you have with any vendor, supplier or consultant included in the project.
Include specific and detailed partial funding option(s). If you feel that your project would not be feasible without full funding, please explain why that is the case.
Total amount requested from LEF
What educational need will this project address? How is this need manifested at your school? Please cite and describe any published studies on this issue, if available.
Have there been any earlier LEF grants that have addressed this need at this or another school? If so, have you spoken with the grantees about their experience? (Your LEF school liaison can help you identify related grants.)
• 1-3 short-term objectives: What do you expect to accomplish within the grant period? Your objectives should be realistic and measurable, and address substantive educational advances (such as the creation and use of educational materials or the piloting and evaluation of a new pedagogical approach) rather than simply completion of activities or the procurement of technology.
How will this project address the stated educational need, and advance teaching and/or learning, over the long term? Who will benefit, and in what ways? How will the project strengthen you and your colleagues as educators?
What you are going to do, and when? Who will be involved in implementing the project, and in what capacities? What schools, grade levels, classes, and/or student constituencies will be involved? If you are requesting time for professional development that is not part of an organized program (for example, days required to develop curricula), provide an agenda and schedule of activities that indicates how you will use the time for which you are requesting support. Identify and provide background information on consultants or trainers.
1. How will you evaluate the process and results of this project? Your evaluation should clearly address the project’s long-term goals and short-term objectives. It should gauge not only whether activities took place but also the value, quality and impact of the project in strengthening teaching and learning.
How, and to whom, will you disseminate the knowledge, materials, and approaches that result from the project within your school, in the Lexington community, and beyond?
Please list the names, titles/positions of all teachers and other colleagues who will be participating in this project. Note: This is not necessary for workshops or projects that are open to all LPS teachers and/or staff.
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Provide signatures of all participants noted in the participant list.
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