Christine Walters explains her experience at a Shakespeare conference in London through a LEF grant


Stephanie Hoban, Lexington High School Instructional Technology Coach, will attend the Consortium for School Networking convention and Educational Technology Leadership Workshop. She will learn practices for integrating technology into the classroom that will inform the creation of LPS’s 3-year technology plan and Scope and Sequence for technology standards, and exploration of new Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards. (Awarded 2016-17)

Susan Kaftan, Lexington High School Nurse, will attend the School Mental Health Conference offered by Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance on school-based strategies for addressing stress and building emotional resilience among students from diverse backgrounds. (Awarded 2016-17)

Brendan Moran, Lexington High School 11th-12th Grade English Teacher, will attend the Frost Place Poetry Seminar. He will work with accomplished poets to learn and practice poetic craft and technique, with an emphasis on workshopping -- a approach in which students write and revise poems for an authentic audience and learn how to critically read and interpret poetry. (Awarded 2016-17)

Valentina Sountsova, Lexington High School Physics Teacher, will attend the St. Johnsbury Academy’s AP Physics C Summer Institute, which will cover course expectations, curriculum, and strategies for teaching principles and practices in a calculus-based course in mechanics and electricity-magnetism. These strategies can be applied to all physics courses at LHS. (Awarded 2016-17)

Francesa Pfrommer, an LHS math teacher, will attend the St. Paul School and University of Pennsylvania’s Conference on Teaching and Learning, which will present findings on recent brain research about how adolescents learn and offer guidance on how to foster and assess student-centered learning in the classroom. (Awarded 2015-16)

Christen Walters, an LHS English teacher, will attend the Globe Theatre’s “Shakespeare Plays When Shakespeare Works” international teachers’ conference in London, where she will participate in master classes on new teaching strategies and resources for bringing the study of Shakespeare to life. (Awarded 2015-16)

Heidimarie Floerke, an LHS German teacher, will travel to Berlin to attend the Goethe Institute course, “Film City Berlin,” which will present innovative techniques for teaching German as a second language and German culture. Using authentic sources (produced by native speakers for native speakers) such as film engages students who present diverse learning styles, and is a key component of the World Language Department’s plan for aligning the language curriculum with the National Standards for Language Learning. (Awarded 2015-16)

 R&D lab at LHS

R&D lab at LHS

Program Grants

Integrating Diversity into the Sophomore English Curriculum. Samantha St. Lawrence and the ten-member Sophomore English teaching team will create a shared curriculum unit focusing on a modern work of fiction by an author outside the Eurocentric tradition, to better introduce students to contemporary voices and concerns and represent LHS students’ diverse backgrounds. (Awarded 2016-17)

Multidisciplinary, Informal Design and Prototyping Learning Facility. Based on the popularity of last year’s LEF-funded pilot of an extracurricular R&D engineering space, LHS will acquire additional equipment and materials to establish an expanded, permanent learning space for faculty and students not only in engineering but also in subjects as diverse as music and business. Students will learn at their own pace under the guidance of student and adult mentors. (Awarded 2015-16)

Understanding the Science of Physics – Creating Resources for AP Physics I. Physics teachers will create textbook and workbook resources aligned with new AP Physics I guidelines that focus on building students’ conceptual understanding of the physical world through inquiry-based instruction and assessment. (Awarded 2015-16)

Student Broadcast Station and Digital Control Room. This project will transform an old, nonfunctional control room at the high school into a true broadcast production learning space and studio. With state-of-the-art HD digital camcorders, nonlinear editing systems, audio and video mixers, and programmable broadcasting equipment, students will have the opportunity to learn broadcast production techniques and create broadcasts for both the LHS and larger Lexington community.(Awarded 2015-16)

Literature and Composition I iBook for Freshman English. A teacher will bring her entire freshman English curriculum onto an interactive iPad resource that pilots this use of technology to strengthen student learning. The resource will include readings, worksheets and website links and enable students to annotate and highlight material and create digital study flashcards. (Awarded 2015-16)

Elementary Robotics Curriculum Integration. Building on the successful LEF-funded pilot of an afterschool robotics and engineering program at Estabrook and Bridge Schools, LHS teachers and the LexRobotics team will extend the program to all Lexington elementary schools and train teachers to integrate robotics and engineering classes into the schools’ regular curriculum, as well. (Awarded 2015-16)

 LHS's online literary magazine

LHS's online literary magazine

School Community Grant

“Challenge Day – Be the Change” and I Block Scheduling. Lexington High School will offer a second year of “Challenge Day – Be the Change,” a full-day program that develops social emotional skills – empathy, emotional control, self-confidence, and pro-social competence – and builds a network of students, educators and administrators who respond to oppression and isolation, practice safe and effective conflict intervention tools, and perform positive change in school and community. LHS will also implement a technology program to schedule students into flexible block assignments in the school’s new I Block intervention and enrichment program. (Awarded 2016-17)

Strengthening Student Publishing and Developing Resiliency in Changing Times. LHS will take the sophomore class poetry publication program to the next level by publishing an online literary magazine. In addition, building on last year’s LEF School Community Grant, LHS will offer an experiential Challenge Day program that builds connections among students and teaches empathy, emotional control, self-confidence, and prosocial competence. (Awarded 2015-16)