LHS World-Language teachers

LHS World-Language teachers


Spanish teacher Ryan Casey will participate in two professional learning programs in Salamanca, Spain: the annual conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (where he will deliver a presentation on incorporating dance and movement activities into the Spanish classroom) and an intensive course on pedagogy and best practices in the teaching of Spanish. (Awarded 2017-18)

Harriet Wallen, LHS Librarian and LPS K-12 Library Department Facilitator, will attend the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Chicago, where she will explore such subjects as global connectedness in the classroom, student-centered learning spaces, and technology-enabled project-based learning. (Awarded 2017-18)

Melissa Buttaro, Counselor, Section 504 Coordinator, and Mindfulness Educator, will attend a professional development program on incorporating yoga and integrative therapeutic techniques into work with students challenged by ADD and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and on using yoga to help all students manage anxiety and stress, enhance focus, and build compassion. (Awarded 2017-18)

Latin teacher Maureen Haviland will attend the Conventiculum Bostoniense, a weeklong professional learning Latin immersion program that addresses a new, more active approach to teaching Latin – one that emphasizes spoken as well as written Latin and more authentic assessments (beyond translations into English) that make Latin accessible to all kinds of learners. (Awarded 2017-18)

School Nurse Janet Foley will attend a School Mental Health Course offered by Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance on best practices for enhancing children’s and adolescents’ emotional well-being at school, with an emphasis on promoting learning, resiliency, and social and emotional growth. (Awarded 2017-18)

German teacher Heidemarie Floerke will attend a course in Maine to enrich her knowledge of materials and strategies for teaching about change in German popular culture as represented in the media, a particularly relevant subject in upper level LHS German classes which focus on political and historical developments through German literature and film. (Awarded 2017-18)

Social worker and counselor Hallie LeBlanc will attend a professional development program offered by the South Shore Sexual Health Center to learn approaches to help students manage the competing pressures of intimacy and sexuality, feel comfortable with assertive communication in sexual relationships, and be better prepared to handle social-sexual expectations as they transition to college. (Awarded 2017-18)

English teachers Taylor Liljegren and Samantha St.James

English teachers Taylor Liljegren and Samantha St.James

Program Grants

11th grade history teachers Matthew Gardner and Erin Barrett will develop and pilot a project-based learning approach to four units of the U.S. History curriculum to determine how students of diverse backgrounds and abilities interact with this innovative approach. (Awarded 2017-18)

English teachers Taylor Liljegren and Samantha St.James will create a new senior elective that focuses on female voices in literature and builds students’ understanding of how and why the constructs of gender and race affect identity and power dynamics. (Awarded 2017-18)

LPS Performing Arts teachers Pat Donaher and Rachel Jayson will equip a Music Tech and Production Lab and offer a new general music offering that teaches students to compose and arrange music using computer technology. (Awarded 2017-18)

In recognition of the significant population of Chinese-, Japanese, and Korean-Americans in Lexington, **English teacher Marshall Dury will create a new senior elective that brings greater diversity to the English curriculum by moving outside the American and European literary traditions to demonstrate the vibrancy and current relevance of East Asian ideas and world views. (Awarded 2017-18)

Yaa Gyasi, award-winning author of Homegoing

Yaa Gyasi, award-winning author of Homegoing

School Community Grant

Lexington High School will (1) bring Yaa Gyasi, award-winning author of Homegoing, to LHS to give two talks: one to the entire sophomore class in connection with their study on her novel, the other to the larger Lexington community about cultural inheritance and the African Diaspora; and (2) offer additional students and educators an opportunity to participate in “Challenge Day – Be the Change,” a nationwide program that helps high school students develop communication and resiliency skills. (Awarded 2017-18)