School Liaisons

Have a question? Contact your LEF School Liaison:

Lexington Children's Place: Anne Boulter

Bowman: Andrea Re

Bridge: Patricia Jacotin

Estabrook: Beth Ross

Fiske: Lauren Weeks

Harrington: Brooke Wu

Hastings: Anne Boulter

Clarke: Will Scarbrough & Andrea Re

Diamond: Jessica Brett & Raquel Leder

Lexington High School: Elida Laski, Kristen Reed, Karen Griffiths

Central Administration: Karen Griffiths

Faculty and staff in Lexington Public Schools are invited and encouraged to apply for funding to support innovation in the classroom. LEF grants fund the development and piloting of teaching approaches and materials that will enrich learning in any subject, initiatives designed to meet the learning needs and abilities of diverse students, professional development activities that relate directly to educators' classroom teaching, and programs that address educational and community-building priorities across an entire subject, grade, or school -- or at all ten schools.

LEF support offers Lexington's educators the time and resources to pursue their lifelong passion for teaching and create powerful, joyful teaching and learning experiences in their classrooms. 

LEF awards three types of grants:

  • Fellowships - Individual educators apply for funding to offset the costs of their participation in professional development programs to deepen their subject-area knowledge and strengthen their skills in ways that will have a direct impact on their teaching. NOTE: LEF recommends applying early to have the best opportunity for a grant.

  • Program Grants - One or several educators apply for funding to explore and implement innovative approaches to teaching, to create educational materials, or to pilot new uses of technology in the classroom.

  • School Community Grants - Each Lexington school receives funding every year to implement a plan created collaboratively by the school's professional community to strengthen the overall learning environment and build community school-wide.