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School Community Grant Recipient Responsibilities



Responsibilities of LEF School Community Recipients

 Recipients of LEF School Community Grants are required to:

  • Complete all grant activities and expend all SCG grant funds by May 1 of the current academic year. Funds to be used during the following summer should be encumbered by the last day of the current academic year.
  • Seek prior approval from LEF for any changes in the focus or implementation of the grant. Click here to download the LEF Grant Change Request Form.
  • Submit a final report on the grant by June 30 of the current academic year. The report should describe grant activities and outcomes, present an assessment of the grant’s impact, and provide an accounting of how grant funds were used. Click here to download School Community Grant Final Report forms and instructions.
  • Share the products of, and discoveries from, the grant with colleagues and with the larger LPS community.