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Program Grant Recipient Responsibilities



Responsibilities of LEF Program Grant Recipients


In addition to implementing the proposed project effectively, all Program Grant recipients are required to:

  • Submit a mid-year progress report and a final report on the project. Click here to download Program Grant Final Report forms and instructions.
  • Seek prior approval from LEF for any changes in the focus or implementation of the project, or for changes in or reassignments of budget categories or amounts. Click here to download the Grant Change Request Form.
  • Work with LEF to showcase the grant in the community through such avenues as the LEF website, school newsletters, the Lexington Minuteman and The Boston Globe.
  • Include the following statement when writing about an LEF grant: "This project is supported by a grant from the Lexington Education Foundation."
  • Apply "Funded by LEF" stickers to grant-funded materials (stickers will be provided by LEF).
  • Notify LEF if, during the term of the grant, or afterward, they copyright, sell, or otherwise profit from the LEF-funded project.
  • Notify LEF if they will be leaving the school system before the project is completed.