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LEF Trivia Bee


Congratulations to
"The Drone Rangers"
The 2016 Trivia Bee Winners
"Masters of Trivia!"

The Drone Rangers

What a great night at the 21st Annual LEF Trivia Bee! Every school in Lexington had at least one teacher team competing, with a loyal cheering section in the audience.  There were also many teams of community groups, parents, students and general trivia buffs.
It was a tough competition, but The Drone Rangers took the title and won a $250 gift certificate courtesy of Lexx.
Thank you to all of the teams, the generous sponsors, the volunteers, and the very enthusiastic audience, who made it extra fun!

A special thanks to Red Heat Tavern for providing the very tasty wraps and to Lexx for donating the first prize of a $250 gift certificate!

LEF Trivia Bee    
The Trivia Bee is a unique LEF tradition – a fun evening that brings the Lexington community together for a friendly battle of wits while raising funds to enhance educational excellence in the Lexington Public Schools.
Three member teams of teachers, students, town employees, and citizens come decked out and ready to compete in this trivia contest, while hundreds of Lexingtonians cheer them on. Bring a friend, bring your family, and bring your trivial best!

Teams compete in rounds (or swarms), with the winners of the swarms battling it out in the final round.  All answers are supplied by the team, so no one person is ever put on the spot.  Trivia questions are in the following categories: history, sports, popular culture, science, arts/literature and current events.

We hope you'll join us at the Bee, whether as a team member, team sponsor, audience member, or volunteer.

To volunteer, please contact LEF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Trivia Bee 2016 Stage 1



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